A distinctive sound, a unique voice, heavy riffs and catchy songwriting.

Riot in the Attic are unclassified, loud but dynamic, rough and yet melodic -

a world of their own between stoner rock, hard rock and grunge.

The trio from Cologne, Germany has been playing their way into the hearts of rock fans since 2014.


About 100 gigs, 2 EPs, 2 albums, positive reviews in international press, festival appearances, support gigs for international bands and a worldwide steadily growing fanbase testify to the future prospects of Riot in the Attics.


The hard working band knows how to take their listeners on a very special journey.


Even during the covid pandemic, the band was more active than ever. After releasing the first album "Dawn", in late 2020, a new album was written by singer, guitarist and songwriter Dan and will be released in November 2022.


Once again, Riot in the Attic position themselves exactly where they feel most comfortable: Between groovy hard rock passages and fat riffs, between almost punky songs á la Motörhead and dreamy stoner guitar walls.

No other band dares to cross these genres like they do, no other band manages to create such an absolutely unique sound between these styles.

The rhythm tracks of the album were recorded live this time at Monkey Moon Recordings, overdubed with vocals and guitars and finally mastered at Jaro Sound in Prague (among others Somali Yacht Club, Gojira) in the fall of 2021.






Dusthead: Dust dry, desert hot, played to the point with the penetrating power of an adrenaline shot right into the heart. Dusthead celebrate the 70s sound with everything the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s have to offer. Rock, metal, alternative, punk and ice-cold beer.





S.T.A.R. is energetic Rock & Roll directly from the soul.

The mixture of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk and Blues appeals to all kinds of harder music without renouncing an own, absolutely recognizable style.
The lyrics of the band are about relationships, today's society and personal experiences and are mostly spiced with a not too small portion of irony.

About sixty concerts throughout Germany, festival appearances, two album productions and promotion at local radio stations as well as online magazines make S.T.A.R. a newcomer band with experience, a growing fan base and enough potential to count on.